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About SmartHealth

Pathology made easy

Many diseases are preventable making timely access to pathology screening crucial for effective health outcomes.

SmartHealth is an online Business to Business | Business to Consumer platform dedicated to safely broadening access to pathology tests and health screening crucial for effective health outcomes. An Australian first, the SmartHealth platform delivers the same accredited pathology services valued by Doctors throughout Australia to Complementary and Allied Health Practitioners and patients.

Through the SmartHealth platform, Complementary and Allied Health Care Practitioners can now order a full range of mainstream pathology tests for their patients and receive their patient’s results online whilst reducing wait times from weeks to days enabling a higher level of evidence based health care.

Fast, convenient and discreet and with more than 2000 pathology collection centres nationwide, patients can order private STI’s / STD’s pathology screening online and receive notification of their results by SMS usually within 2 business days.

One small tube of blood can make a world of difference!